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Northampton hails plan for offsetting casino impacts

A vendor for Phase 2 will also have to be selected, and Winans said that Rhyme would be interested in implementing the plan it crafted. At the same time, Narkewicz said that the details of how Phase 2 will be carried out have not yet been determined, and that he will need to talk to the Gaming Commission about this. Asked about the casino’s effects on the city so far, Narkewicz and Winans said that the casino is in a honeymoon phase and that people are currently visiting it out of curiosity. “I think I’ve heard a lot of ‘It’s nice,’” said Winans. He also said that it has yet to be determined how much of an overlap there will be between Northampton and the casino’s audiences. “I want to be proactive,” said Narkewicz, saying that he doesn’t want to wait until a shift of dollars goes to MGM Springfield. As for what kind of edge Northampton has in competing with MGM Springfield, Winans said Northampton has an authenticity that MGM Springfield lacks. After the mitigation funds are finished, Narkewicz said that the city has no plans to fund the website and advertising efforts. “Ultimately, this has to be carried forward by some other entity,” said Narkewicz. “It can’t really be the city.” He also said that as the city talks about implementing the plan, where it will ultimately be housed and who will fund it over the long term will be examined, although he said he thought that a collaboration between different organizations would be best, naming the Downtown Northampton Association, the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, the Hampshire Regional Tourism Council and the Florence Civic and Business Association.

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